10-Foot Alligator ‘Knocked’ On Florida Woman’s Door


The woman barricaded herself behind as many doors as she could.

Before a trapper shot and killed the beast, a 350 lb., 10-foot alligator decided to “knocK” on a Merritt Island, Florida woman’s home on Tuesday, according to Florida’s News Channel 8:

A Merritt Island woman said she had the scare of her life Tuesday morning when a gator came to her front door banging. “There’s this clear one (window) in the middle. I was just looking out, watching him approach,” Geri Staples said.

Staples said she took a couple of pictures through the window, but she didn’t watch it for long.

“But then I saw him right there and he hit the door, and that’s when I ran. I wasn’t sure, if he kept pounding like that, if he could actually open the door with his snout if he hit hard enough. So I wasn’t taking any chances,” Staples said.

Staples said she ran upstairs and tried to put as many doors as she could between her and the monster.

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