#FloridaMan Makes $18K, Claims $1 Million In Withholding, Then Deposits $980,000 IRS Refund Check


Apparently, he thought no one would catch him?

TAMPA, FL—In 2017, Ramon Christopher Blanchett, 29, made $18,497 from working a Tampa nursing home and a Sizzling Platter restaurant in Murray, Utah,

However, according to the Tampa Bay Times, Blanchett claimed $1,000,000 in withholding. Then, when the IRS sent him his $980,000 tax “refund” check, he deposited it.

Although it took some time, the IRS finally caught up with Blanchett. However, it wasn’t before Blanchett tried to make use of the money.

Upon receiving the $980,000 check, according to the Times’ article:

“Blanchett deposited the money into two accounts at SunTrust. After freezing the funds for suspected fraud, SunTrust closed the accounts last May and sent Blanchett a cashier’s check for $980,000. He used that to open a money market account with Grow Financial Credit Union, “falsely representing that the funds were from the estate of his deceased father,” the complaint says.

Blanchett then transferred various amounts among various Grow Financial accounts, ultimately withdrawing $49,117 in the form of a cashier’s check. On Aug. 9, he bought a 2016 silver Lexus RC350.

By this time, the IRS had realized it had a problem. Pursuant to a federal seizure warrant, an IRS special agent took custody of the Lexus and the remaining $919,251 balance in Blanchett’s accounts. The IRS is trying to get back another $809, the amount Progressive Insurance refunded to Blanchett after he cancelled his policy because he no longer had the car.

So far, Blanchett could not be reached for comment.


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