Florida Cougar Arrested After Mawling Younger Man, Trying To Lower His Pants


A police arrest report filed in late December describes in graphic detail how an inebriated 64-year old cougar named Marrian Ann Zambrano made unwanted sexual advances toward a younger man that consisted of, among other things, grabbing him “by his crotch,” according to a report in the The Smoking Gun.

Marrian Ann Zambrano Source: Facebook

The man, a worker of a restaurant near the cougar’s home, was standing outside the closed restaurant at 7:45 when Zambrano approached him and began her efforts to lure him back to her den.

The man added that it “felt like she was trying to lower his pants,” police noted.

The victim said that Zambrano was also “trying to dance on him, during which time she rubbed her breasts and body against his person.” While grinding on him, Zambrano asked the man “to come home with her.” The worker told police that he declined Zambrano’s invitation, but said that he offered to help find her a ride home (since he was concerned she “may try to drive while intoxicated”).

…Two witnesses corroborated the victim’s account and surveillance video showed Zambrano “hugging the victim and apparently kissing his neck.” The man, cops added, “did have his hands slightly up and did not touch” Zambrano.

Police were called and Zambrano was arrested charged with battery.

She has pled not guilty and is due back in court on March 19.

The cougar’s habitat, known as The Villages in Central Florida:

A copy of the police report describing the incident:

Hat-tip: The Smoking Gun


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