WATCH: This Saltwater Crocodile Climbing On A Raft In Key Biscayne Has People Freaking Out


A video of a saltwater crocodile in Key Biscayne has people freaking out on Facebook.

Several days ago, one of our favorite Facebook pages, Only in Dade, posted this video of a saltwater crocodile climbing aboard a raft.

It is believed that the video was taken near the Crandon Marina–a “top of the line” marina that offers “many amenities including fine dining, boat rentals, charter fishing and much more.”

By “much more,” do they mean this?!?

Although there are plenty of other videos of saltwater crocodiles in the vicinity, and even warning signs, the video above has Facebook users expressing shock.

Why are people so freaked out about a saltwater crocodile? After all, there are warning signs.


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