#FloridaMan Arrested: ‘Slapped’ Woman With A Bowl Of Chili Over New Boyfriend


The accused has a long rap sheet with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, including charges for cruelty toward a child, drug possession, lewd and lascivious behavior, and even homicide.

ESCAMBIA COUNTY, FL—Last week, the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office arrested Jerald Jenkins, 33, for allegedly for allegedly slapping a woman with a bowl of chili, as well as hitting her and pulling her hair during an incident that occurred last October.

Source: Escambia County Sheriff’s Office

According to WFTV.com:

The victim told police she was with her boyfriend in a car when Jenkins stopped to say hello to them. She identified her boyfriend after Jenkins asked who he was, at which time she said he “slapped her with a bowl of chili.”

The initial witness told officers the victim appeared to have “chili all over her” when she got out of the vehicle.

The victim said Jenkins pulled her out of the car by her hair and struck her in her face and body. When her boyfriend got out of the car to help, she told police, Jenkins ran into a home, grabbed a large kitchen knife and returned. The initial witness told police Jenkins “came out to try to stab (the victim’s) boyfriend with it.”

At one point, the victim said Jenkins dropped the knife and began to fight her boyfriend. She told deputies the initial witness broke up the fight and her boyfriend left in her vehicle. The victim told deputies she left in a separate vehicle with her sister.

Jenkins appears to be no stranger to the Escambia County jail, as his rap sheet on the county’s website shows him having been arrested on numerous occasions in the past for offenses that range from cruelty toward a child, drug possession, as well as lewd and lascivious behavior to even homicide.

How those charges were resolved is unknown. However, following his arrest on Thursday, Jenkins was charged with battery, aggravated assault and larceny.


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