#Florida Bank Robber Robs SC Bank, Flees Back To Florida Before Being Caught After Massive Manhunt


Bonnie & Clyde they are not…

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC—A manhunt for a bank robber who robbed a bank in South Carolina has come to an end when Samuel Neathery was arrested in Kissimmee, Florida.

Neathery and an alleged female accomplice, Daisy Esther Feliberty (of Kissimmee, FL), reportedly robbed the S.C. Federal Credit Union in Forest Acres on February 5th.

However, Neathery was able to escape out the back of the bank, while his accomplice wound up shot twice and captured after she crashed their getaway car.

“A two-day-long search ensued for Neathery in residential parts of Forest Acres and included a plane, helicopter, multiple officers and search dogs,” according to The State newspaper.

Police will charge Neathery with armed robbery, six counts of kidnapping and gun charges, according to Forest Acres police. Extradition to South Carolina will begin next week, police said. Neathery could fight being brought to South Carolina, according to Forest Acres Police Chief Gene Sealy. The goal was to get Neathery in jail as quickly as possible, Sealy said.

Neathery was nabbed by the U.S. Marshal’s Florida-Caribbean Regional Fugitive Task Force.

“In May 2008 authorities in Polk County charged Neathery with armed robbery, according to Florida Department of Corrections records,” reports The State. “In 2009 he was convicted of the felony and sent to prison for 10 years.”

As he was released from prison in May 2018, Neathery was out of prison for less than a year before robbing again.


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