#FloridaWoman Who Attempted To Carjack An Elderly Woman By Jumping On Her Lap Got More Than She Bargained For


“She jerked the door open, got into the car, in my lap.”

DATONA BEACH, FL—An elderly woman was carjacked by jumping on the victim’s lap in the vehicle on Friday got more than she bargained for.

According to a Daytona Beach police report, as the victim was attempting to leave an areas Save-A-Lot, [in PDF] a “Jane Doe” attempted to steal her car after the victim was already inside.

The victim was attempting to leave the parking lot after a shopping trip. The victim was seated in the driver’s seat of vehicle-1 when the defendant opened the driver’s door, sat in the victim’s lap and attempted to drive away with the vehicle. The defendant attempted to turn the engine over by turning the keys in the ignition, grabbed the steering wheel, struck the victim in the face and stated several times “Get out of the car bitch.”

The victim grabbed hold of the defendant and tried forcing her out of the vehicle to prevent the defendant from getting Vehicle-1 out of her control. While struggling with the defendant over the control of vehicle-1, vehicle-1 rolled rearward from its parking spot causing vehicle-1 to come into contact with vehicle-2 causing damage to both vehicles.

According to a Fox35 report, the victim stated that she fought her attacker off.

“She slapped me. She pulled my hair. She broke my glasses.”

But the victim fought back, telling 911 dispatchers “they say that I injured her nose, that her nose was bleeding.”

This story will be updated, once the attacker’s name is revealed.


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