A New York-Bound Couple Arrested After Picking A Fight With Deputies Over Luggage Space

It appears they'll be spending more time in the Sunshine State than they planned for.

Image credit: Shutterstock

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL—A New York-bound couple will be spending more time in Florida than they probably anticipated after they got into an altercation with Broward County Sheriff’s deputies on Tuesday.

Delta Airline passengers Nick Bogomolsky and Ida Shafir became annoyed when they were told they would have to gate check their luggage on a full flight to New York’s JFK airport.

Broward County Sheriff’s deputies were called when the couple began arguing with the flight crew.

When the deputies arrived, the couple began a physical altercation with the deputies and then were arrested.

According to a NBC News report, both deputies were injured in the scuffle and were later treated at a nearby hospital for “unspecified injuries.”

The arrest reports list a Brooklyn address for Shafir and Bogomolsky, and the flight they were on was heading to New York’s JFK Airport.

Officials say the man and woman face multiple charges, including battery on a law enforcement officer.

It is unknown when the couple will be released.


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