A Tense Standoff Ended When Pensacola PD Delivered Pizza To #FloridaMan

"Never underestimate the power of pizza with flavored crust."

Source: Pensacola Police Department Facebook Page.

PENSACOLA, FL—A tense four-hour standoff with a Florida man ended on Tuesday, when police arrested Evan Charles McLemore, 33, charges of resisting an officer without violence and aggravated stalking.

Evan Charles McLemore

McLemore barricaded himself inside a home outside of Scenic Heights shortly after 10 am following a call to police about an assault and battery.

The victim was able to leave the home but the responding officers were McLemore had barricaded himself in a back room, according to the Pensacola News Journal.

Officers began trying to coax McLemore out of the room, but McLemore responded that “he had a gun to his head, and he was not going back to prison, no matter what it took,” according to a Pensacola Police Department arrest report.

Officers contacted SWAT, and over the next several hours negotiators attempted to persuade McLemore to come out of the room. Crisis negotiators eventually offered McLemore a slice of pizza, and he exited the room. Officers then were able to take him into custody.

Later, the Pensacola Police Department posted this on the department’s Facebook page.

“Never underestimate the power of pizza with flavored crust. Yes, it’s true. We ended a standoff with a barricaded suspect by delivering him a pizza. We cannot comment on the rumors about pineapple being on said pizza – Operational Security and all that.

Sgt. Fox and the boys were cool enough to reenact the drama.”

Source: Pensacola Police Department Facebook Page.


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