WATCH: A #FloridaMan’s Car Was Impounded, So He Fire Bombed It


This shouldn’t be difficult:

When your car gets towed, do you…

a) Pay the towing fee to get it back or…

b) throw a molotov cocktail and catch it on fire?

If you picked ‘b,’ you’re likely to go to jail…like this guy did.

ORLANDO, FL—On Saturday, Ayub Mule Abdulrahman, 27, went to an impound lot to pay the towing fee for his Nissan Altima. However, when he was told he had to wait for the lot’s owner, he left.

When the owner arrived, he was told one of the cars in his lot was on fire. The lot owner put out the fire and there were no injuries.

“The Orange County Sheriff’s Office says the owner identified Abdulrahman as the man throwing Molotov cocktails at the car through video surveillance, according to

Abdulrahman was later arrested and charged with arson and manufacturing and transporting a firebomb, reported


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