WATCH: This #FloridaMan Boldly Stole Mice, Rats & Reptile Lights From A Pet Store Over And Over Again


Thieves can be pretty brazen. However, it is not often that you see a thief as brazen as Keven Robert Vogenberger who, according to the Cape Coral Police Department stole from an area pet store every two to three days until he was caught.

According to a CCPD press release, here’s what happened:

The manager of the store reported that Keven Robert Vogenberger (W/M, DOB: 04/10/1973, 1805 NW 27th Ave) has been a customer of the business for the past three years. About three weeks ago, the manager installed security cameras because they noticed issues with their mouse inventory and also located discarded burnt light bulbs within the packages. Security footage showed Vogenberger come into the store on several dates (January 2, 5, 7, 10, 11, 13, 14 and on each of those dates Vogenberger is shown taking items from the store.

According to police:

Vogenberger would come in with burnt out Reptile heating light bulbs and replace them with new bulbs from the store display shelf. Vogenberger would then conceal the new bulbs and exit the store without paying. Vogenberger was also shown taking numerous amounts of feeder rats or mice and would walk out of the store without paying. Vogenberger will sometimes go to the front desk and check out his items but only claimed to have a small portion of mice when he actually took a lot more resulting in theft.

Detective Costa from the Property Crimes Unit was assigned the case.

The security footage depicts Vogenberger loading a certain number of feeder animals into containers and later offering payment for a lesser number. This was later confirmed by matching video surveillance footage to corresponding receipts.

Vogenberger is also shown removing burnt lightbulbs from his pocket and replacing them with new ones that he took from the shelf. Vogenberger would then place the new light bulb into his pocket and discarded the old one somewhere inside of the feeder animal section.

In one incident, Vogenberger is shown standing in line behind a woman awaiting to pay for his merchandise. However, a few moments later Vogenberger walks out of the store and fails to pay for the selected merchandise.

On March 4, 2019, Vogenberger came to the Cape Coral Police Department and turned himself in to Detective Costa for the Grand Theft charge.

Vogenberger was later transferred to Lee County Jail.

Now, that’s some crazy bold thievery!


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