WATCH: This #FloridaWoman Admits To Stealing A Car Because “Demons” Made Her Do It


When a rental car agency was overbooked, this #FloridaWoman stole a Rav4 because “demons” made her do it.

JACKSONVILLE, FL—Gardina McCullough, 23, was arrested after stealing a Rav4 from Ace Rent-a-Car, after the rental car agency told her that they were overbooked, according to

She was found less than a mile away, hiding at a hotel.

On the scene, McCullough told a local news station, “Demons told me to do it…I didn’t take it, demons took it.”

She continued, “I tried to rent it, but y’all didn’t want to rent me a car. Y’all talking about how y’all didn’t have any cars to rent so I stole y’alls (expletive).”

McCullough was taken into police custody at the hotel and her bond was set at $15,003.

She appeared in court on Friday wearing a red jumpsuit, reported ABC, “indicating that she requires extra attention at the jail.”

McCullough has had prior arrests, including charges of trespassing, resisting police, theft of a firearm, battery of a law enforcement officer, and more.


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