Lugs, Tires & Rims, Bye Bye! (Florida Has A Statewide Tire Theft Problem)

Image credit: Night Hawk Monitoring (screenshot)

PSA: If you’re driving to Florida to visit, you might want to stop and pick up some lug locks for your rims.

Here’s why

According to multiple news reports, thieves are stealing entire sets of rims and tires from cars in about four minutes.

And, its not isolated to just one part of the state, it’s all over Florida.

Although it’s been happening for a while, it used to be more of an isolated incident—like when this Porsche had its rims and tires stolen in a hospital parking lot.

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Now, however, it’s happening a lot.

“This is actually occurring all over the state,” said Sgt. Josh Kloster of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office. “We’re working with some of the neighboring agencies right now.”

It’s not just a Florida problem though.

In Texas, in 2016, this Chevy dealer in Tyler, Texas had over $200,000 worth of rims and tires stolen from 48 vehicles.

Although these thieves were caught back in 2015 (thanks to surveillance footage), here’s how quickly they work:

When it comes to tires and rims, while there is little that will stop determined thieves, buying a good set of lug locks might slow a team of thieves down long enough to make them want to move on to another car.


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